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In my experience, there are three key components to making rapid and sustainable changes to your health. Nutrition, Exercise, and Mindset. One without the other might work for a short-term solution, but all three together is the key to making sustainable and life-long changes.

I have been a Health Coach and Fitness Instructor for nearly a decade. I specialize in helping people achieve rapid and sustainable results - in a HEALTHY way.

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Caring for your body through safe and effective exercise is one of the most important aspects to having a healthy body.  I offer classes and online programs for students of all fitness levels.    



My approach to nutrition and weight loss is to optimize fat burning and homeostasis through Nutritional Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting. I offer progressive and customized meal plans to achieve sustainable, non-restrictive, lifelong habits. 



Having a strong body is important for your health while having a focused mind is important for your journey. I'll help you on your search for well-being, personal growth and fulfillment.

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